• BARBADOS - feb 14


    "MOBILE Technology for

    economic development"

    Part of a Caribbean Business/Economic Development Tour.

    Plug In & "Accelerate Growth".



    DATE: February 14th, 2017

    VENUE: Courtyard By Marriott, Hastings, Ch Ch

    Are you an Advertising/Marketing Agency Manager or Corporate Marketing Executive in Barbados and didn't receive an invitation?

    Request one via the Invitation Request Form Below (Subject to verification and space availability)



    This Event represents an Unprecedented Opportunity for Strategically Leveraging Mobile Technology, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Media and Mobile Commerce, to Stimulate Increased Commercial Activity and Facilitate Increased Foreign Exchange Earnings in Underperforming Local Economies Such as Barbados:


    1) Effectively Minimize Customer Acquisition & Retention (Loyalty) Costs for Local Companies

    2) Strategically Make Local Small Businesses More Financially Stable and Sustainable over the Long Term

    3) Rapidly Create New Employment Opportunities for Local Youth, With or Without Degrees

    4) Consistently and Sustainably Expand Global Market Reach for Quality Local Products and Services.


    This event is an INTRODUCTION to:

    (1) The Power of Mobile Technology for Economic Development

    (2) A New & Innovative Mobile Media Platform


    Who is this event RELEVANT for?

    (1) Managing Partners of Advertising & Marketing Agencies

    (2) Corporate Marketing Directors/Managers Responsible for Maximizing Consistent Growth in Sales and Revenue Performance


    Will any special OPPORTUNITIES be available?

    (1) Advertising/Marketing Agency Licensing Opportunity

    (2) @MBA Corporate Charter Membership

    (3) Corporate Premium Sponsorship Opportunity

    (4) Advertising Agency of Record Opportunity

    5) Specialist Private Consultations for Companies Desirous

    of Optimizing Their Marketing/Growth Strategy



    Attendees who arrive/register TEN (10) Minutes or more BEFORE the event start time,

    will secure for their company, a Significant Financial Leverage benefit in the form of

    a US$1,400 Mobile Media Advertising Voucher valid for 30 Days.



    Youth Unemployment is a Serious Challenge on Many Levels Within an Environment of Economic Stagnation or Decline. ONLY TECHNOLOGY HAS THE POWER TO CREATE JOBS FOR YOUTH ON A LARGE SCALE and Sustain the Work Flow.








    Learn how on Feb 14th


    8:00am - Keynote Presentation:

    "Technology For Economic Development"

    (Strategic Mobile Focus)

    LuRae Lumpkin

    Founder/CEO, LuRae Lumpkin NYC

  • 9:00am - Technical Demonstration:

    "Mobile Media Platform"

    New Mobile Commerce Application

    World Class Solution

  • 10:00am - Business Networking:

    "Mobile Experience"

    Hands On Mobile Engagement

    Experience For Yourself The Power of Mobile Technology For Business. Personal Experience Cements Your Understanding.

  • 10:30am - Speed Consulting Engagements:

    "Digital Opportunity Assessment"

    Private One-on-One Initial Dialogue w/ LuRae Lumpkin

    Not Really Sure How Mobile Technology Can Work For Your Business Specifically? Don't Leave it to Chance or Uninformed Thinking.

    Spend 10 Minutes with LuRae to Determine What Mobile-Based Revenue Acceleration or Digital Transformation/Marketing Opportunities May Exist For Your Business and Determine If It Makes Sense For You to Schedule a Full Meeting with LuRae and Your Team at Your Office.

    FORMAT: 10 Minutes / No Charge


    This event is BY INVITATION ONLY to ensure the right focus audience. If you are the head Business Development/Revenue Growth executive for an established Barbados Advertising or Marketing Agency, or the head Marketing/Business Development executive for a corporate business in Barbados and you have not received an invitation to this event, you may use the form below to request an invitation.




    Please state your Job Title and Company Name in the Message section.

    Please also note that spaces are limited to 60 seats and we therefore cannot guarantee that your

    request can be fulfilled if there are requests received before yours, so the earlier you submit, the better.

    We are limiting participation to ONE executive per company to allow more companies to have a representative at and benefit from this FREE event. If you are very keen to have more than one

    representative of your company attend and you are prepared to pay for up to two additional

    attendees, please indicate this when you submit your invitation request below.

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