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    True gems are hard to find, not only that, rare gems require a little bit of luck and a lot of persistence. Like a rare gem, LuRae is one of those unique individuals that Covario is very fortunate to work with. Beyond her talent's in digital marketing and creative thought, her ability to manage effectively and with compassion is admirable. I've been lucky to have worked with a lot of people and a lot of organizations. Having someone with her background and abilities applied toward an organizations incredible benefit has been inspiring. I highly recommend LuRae, she is a talented leader, inspirational coach and has the ability to overcome difficult challenges with ease.


    Michael Bonfils

    Managing Director

    Int'l Media Management Corp

    SEM International

    Award Winning

    LuRae Lumpkin is a tremendous digital media executive and leader and coach of her team.

    I am proud to have personally recruited LuRae from a "big city" NYC ad agency out to San Diego, where she took over a volatile and overworked team. Since then she has upgraded, recruited, trained and retained a highly motivated and loyal team and has built her business by almost 50%, all while achieving incredible customer satisfaction/Net Promoter scores. She has built the team across multiple cities and countries, including EMEA, APAC and the US, and has raised media billings to over $100M. LuRae's leadership has helped the team achieve many awards, most notably OMMA's three- time agency of the year, as well as best SEM/PPC campaign, best landing page optimization, best creative media, etc.

    Through all of this, LuRae brings a personal interest in life coaching and career coaching to her work, and motivates her team by genuinely caring about them. This kind of compassionate leadership brings out the best in the team, which gets the best results for the clients.


    Russ Mann

    CEO, Board Member


    Revenue Growth

    LuRae is an inspiring leader and an effective executive manager. Her commanding knowledge of digital marketing strategy, tactics, and savvy team building abilities have made the Paid Media team at Covario one of the fastest growing revenue centers in the organization, and a definitive focus of Covario's company culture. LuRae has coached me in my role as Director of Covario's Creative Services team, helping to work through and overcome various management and organizational challenges, and grow the team's revenue over 300% since her joining Covario.


    Aaron Bart

    Vice President Creative Services

    3Q Digital


    Valuable Partner

    LuRae's business savvy and innovative marketing insight with clients is always refreshing and effective. She can be counted on in the toughest situations to find creative solutions to address a client's marketing challenges.


    Jorie Waterman

    Chief Marketing Officer



    LuRae is a valuable partner and true pleasure to work with these past two years. Her search team is one of the best I have worked with and she always ensures they receive the latest training and are informed of the newest tools/trends. LuRae is also extremely client-focused and works hard to exceed expectations as well as bring new, innovative ideas to the table. She’s really helped strengthen our partnership and I look forward to working with LuRae on future strategic initiatives.


    Jill Randell

    Global Agency Business Development


    A Savvy Marketer

    Working with LuRae is always a pleasure! She's a savvy marketer that brings together the best of digital strategy, planning, technology and partnerships to help adapt in an ever changing space!


    Alex Funk


    3Q Digital



    Positive Energy

    I have worked with LuRae & Team for a couple years. Positive energy and good communication is what you can expect.


    Steve Digiralamo


    AZ Web Development




    Very Knowledgeable

    I have worked with LuRae on a number of projects and she has proven to be dedicated, loyal and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend LuRae. Her advertising and marketing expertise and connections are vast. She is a great asset to any company,


    Kevin Hall

    SVP Chedall

    Get in Touch with LLNYC

    A Marketing Asset

    LuRae is a go-getter, if it isn't working right she will make it work. Not afraid to get into the middle and find out the problem issues and then amend the processes. With her diverse background she confidently steers projects through the potholes that hadn't been thought of by others and guides the project to completion.


    She is an organizer and a worker that understands the job isn't done until the customer has a smile on their face. Every part of the process is important, qualified and monitored to meet the requirements. LuRae is an asset to any Corporation's Marketing, planning and processing, a team leader with the knowledge to get it done.


    Thom Gibb


    Digital Rez


    LuRae is an extremely talented marketer with many marketing forms. This includes both traditional and digital strategy. Her client and agency background includes numerous verticals with the Top Fortune Global Brands. I appreciate her problem solving approach related to brand health and digital growth opportunities.


    Demetrios Dallis

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Toys "R" Us


    Vast Experience

    We have worked with LLNYC on a number of projects and their work ethic and knowledge is second to none. We used LuRae's vast experience to launch some unique marketing campaigns and set follow up strategies in place. It has been a very beneficial experience and would recommend LuRae to many of my business associates.


    David Ball

    Marketing Director